lithium springs

Contemporary rock star romance. Interconnected standalone books that can be read in any order.


Lithium Waves - Book One

Can one night of indulgence become a lifetime of happiness for Ryder and Jamie, or will the sins of their fathers destroy them?


If you asked Ryder ten years ago if he considered himself lucky, he would have laughed in your face. When you grew up where he grew up, with the father he had, there was no such thing as luck. There was only life, death, and music. But there he was, standing between the legs of the sexiest woman he ever laid eyes on, after performing on stage with his two best friends, negotiating the terms of a threesome.

Yeah, he was a lucky bastard.


James Manning was a mess. Well, technically, she was a reformed mess. After karma gut punched her last fall, she promised the Universe, God, Buddha, and anyone else listening that she would change.

Jamie traded in late nights for early mornings, binge drinking for compulsive baking, and casual sex for positive affirmations. She was a new person, and bored out of her mind. Lithium Springs front man, Ryder, was just the sort of distraction Jamie craved.


Lithium tides - Book Two

Whose bed is this? 
That was Kensie’s first thought as she peeled her eyes open to find herself in an unfamiliar room. She noted the crumpled red dress, tiny black thong, and Louboutin heels in the corner.

Whose arms are these? 
That was her second thought as the tattooed arms engulfing her tightened their grip. Her phone buzzed on the nightstand. Carefully, without waking up the man behind her, she reached for it. The name on the display read Prince Charming. 


"How are you still asleep at one in the afternoon?" Trey's familiar baritone rang in her ear. 

“Long night,” she rasped. The man behind her chuckled, his mouth warm on her ear. 

“Well, wake up. My flight leaves in an hour and I can’t wait to see you.”

“I can’t wait,” she said weakly. 

What have I done?

That was her third thought as the weight of her recklessness consumed her. 

She cheated. 

She was a cheater. 


lithium oasis - book 3

It’s hard to do the right thing.

It’s especially hard when the wrong thing feels as good as Quinn does.

She’s kryptonite, a bullet to the brain.

The one girl Javi could never have.

The one girl he could never resist.

Four years and two fights with his best friend stands between them, yet Quinn’s presence affects him as much now as it ever did.

Chasing her means trouble, both for him, and for his band.

Unfortunately, trouble is Javi’s middle name.

*Quinn and Javi’s journey is raw and real. As such, the book contains subject-matter that may make some readers uncomfortable.*

Lithium Oasis is Book Three in the Lithium Springs Series.

A complete standalone novel.