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How far would you go for a million dollars? 
Would you set aside your pride-your morals-and let a mysterious stranger have his way with you? 

What if you really needed the money?
What if your livelihood lay in a pile of rubble on the shore?

I should have run, but I didn't. I couldn't, not when my daddy drained his savings to move to paradise--for me. 

Death isn't my biggest fear, nor is this freak storm. My biggest fear is Sebastian DeLuca and the things he wants to do to my body.

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A forbidden tale of love, sex, and second chances.

I had sex with a patient in my charge at the facility where I worked.

Ask me if I cared.

Ask me if I felt guilty or wrong.

Ask me if I had one single regret.

Then, ask me if I enjoyed it.

Ask me if I liked the way she felt wrapped around my dick.

Ask me if I came inside her.

Ask me if I would do it again.

Ask those questions and the answer would be a loud and violent yes.

Why? Because, I was chaos, she was violence, and together we made Anarchy.