Other Books By Carmel Rhodes




How far would you go for a million dollars? 
Would you set aside your pride-your morals-and let a mysterious stranger have his way with you? 

What if you really needed the money?
What if your livelihood lay in a pile of rubble on the shore?

I should have run, but I didn't. I couldn't, not when my daddy drained his savings to move to paradise--for me. 

Death isn't my biggest fear, nor is this freak storm. My biggest fear is Sebastian DeLuca and the things he wants to do to my body.




A forbidden tale of love, sex, and second chances.

Dr.Cooper had it all, money, a beautiful wife and great job at one of Colorado's leading mental health facilities. Then one day a demon from his past walked into his office and turned his life upside down. 

Simone was beautiful and sensual—just the kind of Anarchy he craves. Together they make love and war, but but with five years and a mountain of unresolved animosity between them, will they be able to put aside their hurt feelings and live happily ever after?